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We pride ourselves in being one of the oldest vehicle laptop desk firms online. With our 12 years of experience in this business, we can provide you with useful advice and assistance to help you choose the correct laptop desk for your vehicle. Pro Desks provide perfect mobile computing solutions for trucks, cars, vans, Police and EMS, commercial utility trucks, big rigs, motorhomes and many more.

1. Mongoose

Mongoose Vehicle Laptop Holder

Pro-Desks features exclusively, the Mongoose the most user friendly, most advanced laptop holder available. This product is the finest laptop holder available in terms of quality and durability.
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4. Navigator

Navigator Vehicle Laptop Desks

The Navigator causes no noises, no rattles. The base of this vehicle laptop desk is very stable side to side, from front to back. It is an ideal solid vehicle computer desk and totally safe while you are moving.
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2. Dominator

Dominator Vehicle Laptop Mounts

The Dominator laptop mount fits perfectly with laptops of all sizes. Dominator - An Advanced Seat Rail Laptop Desk - No Drilling Required - Transport Mode Available - Desktop Locking Feature
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5. Rolling Pro

rolling medical laptop desk carts

The Rolling Pro medical computer cart on wheels is specially designed to be used in hospitals, nursing homes, inventory control, patient charting and warehouse applications. This is a very durable desk.
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3. Enforcer II

Enforcer II Vehicle Laptop Stands

The Enforcer II vehicle laptop stand is designed to bolt to the passenger seat rail bolts - No Drilling. You can adjust the laptop keyboard position easily. Enforcer II is made of top quality steel.
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6. Rolling Pro II

medical rolling laptop mount carts

From accessing patient electronic medical records to recording medication dispensing, the Rolling Pro II Medical Presentation Desk will optimize the efficiency of your work environment.
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