Using A Laptop Truck Desk – Why The Dominator Is The Desk Of Choice Among Contractors

For contractors who want to bring their transactions wherever they go, the Dominator is the ideal option for those who are considering using a laptop truck desk. With a laptop truck mount desk, it can provide the ideal spot for any laptop as well as save space in the vehicle.

By using a laptop truck desk such as the Dominator, it is the ideal solution for both large and small trucks as well as equipped with theft prevention options.  The durable Dominator laptop truck desk is equipped with a superior security locking top as well as upper post. This laptop truck desk is commonly utilized by construction companies as well as public safety professionals.

The Dominator is considered as the most advanced laptop desks available in the market. It is specifically designed from the seat rail bolts up in order to improve the strength as well as the safety of the laptop as well as easy adjustments for the laptops with widescreen.

It is also equipped with a new locking top as well as a locking top post in order to ensure the security of the laptop and a sturdy desk. Any concerns of theft will no longer be an issue with this laptop truck desk.

The keyed knob structure on both the pedestal and the desktop will secure the laptop to the desk system, thus preventing any theft attempts. The desktop is capable of tilting, swiveling, turning as well as allowing users to configure the position of the keyboard in the desired manner.

The equipped shock pads can absorb any bumps and will protect the laptop. The locking knobs will ensure that the desk is positioned in the desired manner. Another great feature of this laptop truck desk is that it will not interfere with the passenger seat and the passengers. The laptop truck desk can be utilized even if there are passengers.

Using a laptop truck desk such as Dominator can provide years even if under rugged use. Users can easily move the laptop desk to any vehicle being used. This is highly useful especially for contractors who are on the site as well as other fields such as law enforcement, construction, delivery companies and many more.

Using a laptop truck desk can provide a number of benefits, especially if Dominator is chosen. It is the ideal option for different professionals; including contractors due to its theft prevention options as well the convenience it has to offer.

Pro Desks Navigator For Women

Women are on the go more these days than ever before. Mobile computing has had to develop and expand beyond the typical truck desk to provide a much wider base of vehicles as women have become a driving force in mobile computing.

Pro Desks a leading supplier of laptop mounting systems has been leading the way in developing all the laptop mounting base plates to fit a much wider range of vehicles.

Merv Carlson, President of Pro Desks had this to say: “We have seen a surge in orders over the past 3 years from women looking to outfit SUV’s and cars with mobile laptop workstations. They are on the go and working from the car and SUV and needed a desk that would fit. Our team has developed the Navigator that is designed to fit the widest range of vehicles. We have custom base plates now that fit almost any car or SUV on the road in North America.”

Women make up 37% of the buyers of the Navigator and typically this desk is put into late model cars. Cars like the Toyota Prius for example, Pro Desks is one of the only companies that makes a laptop desk for that car, and many others.

A new option that Pro Desks recently came out with was a smaller top to accommodate netbooks and small footprint laptops. The Navigator can be ordered with a regular top, or the smaller version.

The desk was designed to be very ergonomic, complete and easily adjustable to fit a wide range of users. The ability to position the laptop exactly where it was needed was a key feature in the design.

All of the desks were put together with interchangeable base plates so that if a vehicle change was made in a couple years, a new base plate could be ordered for the new car and simply slide on and it would then fit the new car. The desk would be useful for many years.

The Navigator was also designed to be the first “SILENT DESK” on the market. There is nothing more frustrating that buying a new car that is super quiet and then having a desk that rattles. The new Navigator was designed to be a silent desk so that there were no cables, or any rattles or noise coming from the computer desk.

Safety and security were also paramount in the design, the new Navigator securely fastens the computer to the desk so it cannot come loose and the desk is securely fastened to the seat rails of the car for optimal safety. The transport mode allows for the laptop to be closed, the desk lowered and positioned out of the way of the air bags for transport.

A convenient knob and removal system allows for the Navigator to be completely removed from the vehicle in minutes as well when the desk is not required and it’s light enough and small enough to quickly stow in the trunk or back at the office.

The Navigator by Pro Desks has been assisting women in the work force and mobile computing field for a dozen years and with all the new 2015 seat rail forks complete, all new models are available.

Drop by today and view the new Navigator.