Dominator Vehicle Laptop Mount

Dominator Vehicle Laptop Mount

vehicle laptop mountdominator car deskThe Dominator laptop mount includes the advanced theft prevention feature. The product fits perfectly with laptops of all sizes.

The Dominator is an advanced front seat laptop mount which have many advanced features such as a high security locking top and upper post. This heavy duty locking laptop mount is always in great demand by construction companies, oil field service providers and also public safety professionals who need laptop theft prevention.

Pro Desks Dominator is the most advanced locking laptop mounts currently available. Being redesigned from the seat rail bolts up, the Dominator stands out from other products in terms of the increased strength, the enhanced security and the easy laptop adjustments. The Dominator features the new locking top and locking top post, making it one of the most powerful desk systems available. Your laptop will be kept in security everywhere you go. If you have concerns regarding somebody stealing your computer and/or the vehicle laptop mount this locking vehicle computer desk system is for you.

dominator car laptop deskUsing a keyed knob system on both the pedestal upright and the desktop, both tightening knobs are lockable, this secures your laptop to the desk system preventing a quick theft of your laptop and or desk. However, with some time and tools they could still manage to remove the system but when your just wanting to lock it while your on a construction site, perhaps while inside a building for a short time, this is an excellent theft deterrent system.

Dominator – An Advanced Seat Rail Laptop Desk – No Drilling Required

dominator truck laptop mountThe laptop mount was designed to be easily swiveled, tilted and turned, making it easy for users to adjust and find the best suited laptop keyboard.

Working on your laptop from either side of your vehicle is totally possible since there is a strong articulating arm allowing users to turn the mount from side to side. The telescoping pole size, the strong articulating arm together make the Dominator a powerful laptop mount.

You can adjust the laptop position by bringing the desktop up or down. This is made possible by the use of the height adjustable main rod. For larger consoles, you can configure the positions by bringing the articulating arm up and over.

The Dominator vehicle laptop mount is designed for serious applications

car laptop mountcar laptop holderUsing this advanced laptop mount, your laptop will be fully protected from bumps and vibration while you are on the road. Take a look at the locking knobs in our photos. If you want to adjust the desk, you just need to loosen the knobs, then swivel the desk into the desired position, re-tighten and lock using the key and you are done.

This right side image shows the exclusive clevis motion adjuster mechanism of the Dominator. The tilt mechanism is adjusted using ratchet gears instead of friction fit. All you need to do is pull the “T” knob out to disengage the ratchet gears and adjust the top to a comfortable angle, than push the shaft back in and tighten the “T” knob. This insures no unwanted movement of your desk top.

The Passenger Seat or Passenger Will Not Be Interfered

truck laptop mounttruck laptop standThe presence of this laptop mount on your vehicle makes no interference to your passenger. You can have a passenger with you as usual. Your passenger can even work on the laptop comfortably by adjusting the desk top to suit his position.

Computing from your vehicle could not be easier.

Being made from rugged high quality steel, the Dominator can last for years of rugged use. You can easily move this laptop mount from one vehicle to the next. Send us a note when you’re in the shopping cart and we can get you another base no problem. The Dominator was designed for rugged commercial usage on a job site, in law enforcement, ambulances, construction and oil field usage. Long Haul truckers, delivery van companies, consultants and professionals all find this desk extremely valuable.

Our Laptop Desks Are Built For Extreme Use

dominator truck laptop holdertruck laptop tableThis laptop mount was built to use in hard working conditions. Our product will not flop around in high speed situations or when slamming on the brakes or extreme cornering.

The Dominator laptop mount can withstand the toughest working environment; it is the best choice for rough use applications, construction, oil field, off road applications, field and job sites.

The steps to install this laptop mount are simple to follow. You quickly assemble the desk system and easily install the custom designed base plate using the passenger front seat rail bolts, this securely mounts this desk for tough dependable service. The desk Height Adjustment is 28″ and it will swivel over any console, communication and/or radio equipment. The articulating Arm allows for operation outside the vehicle if required. With the use of this laptop mount, your laptop screen can close completely and securely. The vibration control system protects your laptop while traveling – don’t settle for a wimpy competitor product, get the Dominator.

The Second Base Plate

dominator11Moving the Dominator from a vehicle to the second one is simple and can be done using the tools provided. You do not need to purchase a new Dominator to use in your new vehicle. You just need to remove the base and install it into your new vehicle. You may want to have a new base to fit your new vehicle.

We have specific desk base plate for all vehicles currently available. You just need to send us a note about your vehicle make, year and seat (bucket or split bench) while you are ordering; then leave the rest for us. We would send you the right base plate which fits your vehicle. The image on the left shows a sample of base plate. Please note that this is an example only. Your base plate can look different since each base plate is vehicle specific.

You can also order an optional screen support when you are in the shopping cart. This optional product will support your laptop screen while you are driving on the road.

dominator12If you order a desk that we don’t have a base plate for, we’ll call you to discuss other options, but for the most part if your still driving it, we still make it. However, if by some outside chance we can’t supply a desk we will return your money immediately.

The Dominator prevents your laptop from falling to the floor. It also helps reduce vibration impact to your computer while you are driving on the road. This is a rugged professional grade tough desk, not to be confused with competitors light duty mounts that cannot withstand the tough conditions that this desk might be subjected to. This desk is designed to take the rough conditions that oil field workers, construction, contractors, long haul truckers and all that Public Safety personnel will put it through. The light duty imitators can not be compared to the Dominator in terms of quality and durability.

Transport Mode

dominator13dominator14Using the Dominator, your laptop will be securely attached to the desk and the lid is closed in transport mode. You can quickly switch the desk system to transport mode by lowering the pedestal, swing the articulating arm over top the post and lock it so that it is out of the passenger way and also the console area. The transport mode feature is what makes the Dominator stand out from the rest. The transport mode feature can not be found on the light duty laptop mounts made by competitors.

The Dominator desktop fits well with laptops having screen sizes from 10 inches up to 17 inches. The laptop mount works well with all laptop brands, including Mac.

You can still access your USB ports and drive bays using the side clamps of this laptop mount.

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