Rolling Pro Regular Laptop Desk

rolling laptop deskThe Rolling Pro provides a durable rolling pedestal for a mobile computer. This product is specially designed to be used in hospitals, nursing homes, inventory control, patient charting and warehouse applications.

Perfect for Hospitals and Medical Centers that use Laptop or Tablet Computers.

Rolling Pro helps enhance the work productivity and provides you with a much more efficient working environment.

rolling laptop mountThe foot actuated Rolling Pro mobile workstation desk provides a mobile working platform for Laptop Computers, Tablets and many other electronic devices in the work area. Perfect for warehouses, hospitals and conference rooms.

Rolling Pro Laptop Carts provide a Mobile Desk platform for laptop computers, iPads and many other electronic devices used in multiple work environments.

This fully adjustable mobile workstation desk has a large 22″ work surface and an ergonomic and handy to use tilt adjustment for up to a 30° angle. A foot actuated gas cylinder that pneumatically lifts the cart from 29″ to 40″ will easily accommodate any height of user whether standing or sitting.

rolling laptop deskThe Rolling Pro rolling computer cart’s ease of mobility over thresholds and difficult floor surfaces is a huge benefit to the user and designed to decrease a persons back discomfort.

From accessing patient electronic medical records to recording medication dispensing, the Rolling Pro Presentation Desk will optimize the efficiency of your work environment.

The Rolling Pro is mobile and versatile, which can be taken from one location to another without difficulties. The Rolling Pro is the best choice if you are looking for a mobile laptop desk for your hospital operating room, warehouse stock room or your auto body repair shop.

A computer workstation rolling desk will also make a useful addition to the work area when a second station is needed. Whether in the office, the classroom, or garage, mobile laptop computer carts are becoming more popular and proving to be necessary.

The Rolling Pro laptop carts and desks are thoughtfully designed for your comfort and convenience. Choose one of our adjustable laptop desk or mobile laptop tables to optimize your work area. Our rolling laptop computer carts offer additional storage baskets and will support a printer or other accessories.

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rolling-desk-locking-security-bar1The locking security bar is optional on both desks and adds that extra layer of security for the data on the laptop, and the laptop itself. It provides a dourolling-desk-locking-security-bar2ble knob keyed lock system that over lays the laptop and fastens down through the desk top, locking underneath.

This provides a secure method of fastening the laptop to the desk, it is not removable. The added benefit of course is in rugged situations, warehouse use, autobody shops, insurance appraisals, anywhere that the application has a rougher floor service, larger transitions etc. it holds the laptop securely as an added feature. The standard strap is also included and provides additional support.

The locking security bar is wide enough to fit any laptop and works to secure up to 17 inch wide screen models.

Click the “Purchase” button to add the locking security bar to cart.


From accessing patient electronic medical records to recording medication dispensing, the Rolling Pro Laptop Cart will optimize the efficiency of your work environment.

  • Stable 5 Point Base with Dual Poly 4″ Casters (2 Locking and 3 Non-locking Casters)
  • A foot actuated gas cylinder lifts the Table Top from 29″ to a 40″ to accommodate any size user whether standing or sitting
  • Ergonomic Easy to Adjust 30 Degree Tilt Large Table Top Work Surface
  • Extra Heavy Duty Large Lever Knob Makes for Easy Tilt Adjustments
  • Soft Trim Lock Wrist Rest
  • Shock Control with 4 Built in Shock Pads for Hard Drive Protection and Ventilation
  • Large Multi Adjustable Work Surface Fits all Size Laptops
  • Rolling Pro Can be Used Standing or Sitting
  • Comfortable Easy Grip Handle Makes Maneuvering Effortless
  • 26″ Wide 5 Point Star Base
  • The Rolling Pro is Ideal for Hospitals and Medical Centers that use Laptop or Tablet Computers
  • 2 Year Warranty

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